Windows 7 End of Life

Do you have computers running Windows 7? If so, this is for you. At the end of 2019, W7 computers will no longer be supported by Microsoft. This means no updates, no security and you will NOT be HIPPA complaint. Time to take action is now.


54% is the percent of dental offices are expected to have 3D printers in the next 5 years. Currently that number is 12%. If we’re talking about labs, currently 88% use 3D printers. The takeaway? The technology works as the vast majority of labs are already using it. Dentists will be buying these like crazy in the next few years. Bottom line: it’s time to start considering digital workflow.


26%. This is the percentage increase in spending in the US on dental care over the past 8 years. 26%. How are you setting yourself apart to get your share?

Education Opportunities

Need CE’s? Want to learn, hands on, about digital workflow? Guided implants? 3D Conebeam in Ortho? How about building a new office? We have events for all of it. And don’t let the location scare you- we’ve got you covered. Ask today!

Keep It In House

What does everything here have in common? Surgical guide, bite splint, model, temporary? They’re all 3D printed in-office on an Envision Tech printer. Imagine printing a bite splint in house for less than $5 each. Surgical guide? Less than $5. The possibilities are endless.