Education Opportunities

Need CE’s? Want to learn, hands on, about digital workflow? Guided implants? 3D Conebeam in Ortho? How about building a new office? We have events for all of it. And don’t let the location scare you- we’ve got you covered. Ask today!

Keep It In House

What does everything here have in common? Surgical guide, bite splint, model, temporary? They’re all 3D printed in-office on an Envision Tech printer. Imagine printing a bite splint in house for less than $5 each. Surgical guide? Less than $5. The possibilities are endless.

The Simple Stuff

We often forget about the simple stuff. Mobile carts, for example. Critical but overlooked. Until recently our options have been limited. Now we have the Herman Miller line. Hospital grade and configurable, these come with a 12 year warranty. Yes, a 12 year warranty- that’s the longest of any in the dental industry.

Ortho In Focus

DCI has introduced a great new line of ortho chairs and carts. Until now, the selection has been limited with direct discounters the most prevalent option. No more with the new DCI line. Great quality at a very competitive price point.